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Land use signs are required by the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) when any site is modified from its current condition. The signs act as public notification of the changes and provide information on how to comment on the proposed land use activities.

The large white land use signs also known as DPD signs or Master Use Project (MUP) signs are required when the size of a project affect environmental factors and need SEPA review. Morup Signs has the experience and facilities to do the layout, production and installation of land use signs for your project.

Based on the city requirements we can produce a 4′ x 4′ or 4′ x 8′ white land use sign made out of MDO panel or Corex corrugated plastic. Morup signs will make one–sided or two–sided land use signs to assure you meet the DPD permit requirements.

Installation of land use signs can be on wooden posts, chain–link fence or on the building. Postings can be attached to the sign by us or a third party.

Types of land use that require DPD signs or MUP signs are:

  • Residential – condominiums, apartments, subdivisions
  • Commercial – retail stores, banks, etc.
  • Recreational – entertainment venues
  • Industrial – factories
  • Institutional – government buildings, schools, fire departments, etc.
  • Agricultural – farmland
  • Open or Vacant – land without structures
  • Government – similar to institutional
  • Railway – rail systems
  • Utilities – structures for water, electricity, nuclear, gas production or transmission
  • Transportation – local transit roads, public transit etc.

Morup Signs has been serving the Bellevue and surrounding areas for over fifty years. We have an onsite facility staffed with dedicated and experienced technicians. We offer a wide variety of signage for all of your personal and business needs. Call Morup Signs for land use signs or any other signage service you need.

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